Cannabis has been around for a long time, so it’s not much of a mystery. You know that you can smoke it, or vape it, or ingest it to get a high. But do you know that it lingers in the air? Or that we don’t know how it got its name? If you think you knew everything about marijuana, then roll a joint, sit back, and get ready to learn some wonderfully weird facts about cannabis that you had no idea about!

1. Beer and Cannabis are Related

To be technical, cannabis and hops are related; they’re actually from the same family of flowering plants. Hops are one of the main ingredients in brewing beer – they create that bitter flavour.

2. Pranksters Changed “Hollywood” to “Hollyweed”

Following legalization in California, a prankster changed the iconic Hollywood sign so that it read Hollyweed. Police quickly changed the sign back to normal. But this wasn’t the first time the sign has been made a little more cannabis-friendly. It was also changed back in 1976. Check out this article to see what happened.

3. It was the First Online Purchase

Some people believe that cannabis was the first thing ever bought and sold over the Internet. Researchers believe that students from Stanford and MIT bought and sold marijuana online.

4. It Triggers Dopamine Production

Similar to eating, or having sex, smoking cannabis triggers dopamine production. Dopamine is the feel-good reward chemical in your brain. So when you smoke, you’re rewarded. It isn’t a simple relationship though, so if you want to learn more check out this article from Leaf Science.

5. Where did “Marijuana” Come From?

Nobody seems to be quite sure where the name “marijuana” comes from, but there are a couple ideas. The most common theory is that it comes from Mexico; however, etymological studies have come up short. For now, we don’t know where exactly it came from.

6. Medical Marijuana

Canada wasn’t just a world leader in legalizing recreational cannabis; in 2001, we were also the first country to fully legalize medical cannabis.

7. So Many Names

Cannabis isn’t just known by one name; it’s known by hundreds. Pot, weed, hemp, hash, grass, Mary Jane… The list goes on and on. So why all the names? According to Time, the creation of these names is partly because of its illegality and partly because it’s just plain fun!

8. Cannabis isn’t Illegal in North Korea

The laws surrounding cannabis in North Korea are a little hazy. That’s because there are none. To be more specific, there are no laws prohibiting cannabis in North Korea. Some sources say this is false, but many people who lived in North Korea have confirmed it’s not illegal.

9. Denver Has More Dispensaries than Starbucks Locations

Coffee in the morning or wake-and-bake? This fact may sound like a myth, but it’s true!  Business Insider investigated and found that in Denver there are actually more cannabis dispensaries than Starbucks locations.

10. Cannabis is in the Air

Trace amounts of cannabis have been found in the air in several Italian cities including Rome, Florence, and Milan. Unfortunately, the amounts of cannabis in the air are far too low to cause a high, so if you want to get baked in Italy, you’ll have to do more than just breathe their air.

11. Your Body Has More Receptors for Cannabis than Dopamine or Serotonin

The endocannabinoid system helps us enjoy the amazing effects of weed. Receptors in our central and peripheral nervous system are affected by cannabis, and in turn produce effects in our bodies. Animals also have this system, which is why some pet owners are treating their pets with CBD oils.

12. We All Use It!

That’s right, even people who don’t smoke cannabis use hemp. Hemp can be found in everything from our clothes to rope to plastics. And hemp is a variety of cannabis plant. Meaning we all use cannabis in some way, shape, or form!