With the recent legalization, more of the population has begun embracing everything cannabis has to offer and, with it, developing a newfound (or perhaps renewed) love for the versatile plant. Which means cannabis lifestyle brands are meeting this need and expanding beyond the usual Bob Marley inspired aesthetic. Let’s take a look at some of these boutique cannabis lifestyle brands that are combatting the stereotypical image of stoners in an oh so classy way.


This Vancouver based company is a must-browse. From ashtrays to teacups and throw pillows, their tailored selection of classy cannabis products are sure to make your home look as chic as you feel. Their designs are sophisticated and often minimalistic, incorporating gold, floral, and even pineapple embellishments ranging between $20-$65 per product. Use the promo code FH10 for 10% off your entire order and receive free shipping if you spend over $100, which, if we’re being honest, won’t be hard to do.

Photo courtesy of @fashionablyhigh.ca [Instagram]

Flowers on Flowers

Innovation at its finest stems from this California company. This team of florists and growers create beautiful arrangements with medicinal cannabis providing a treat for both a centrepiece or end table, and yourself! Their selection doesn’t end there though, the crew at Flowers on Flowers also craft cannabis cigars, flower crowns, faux arrangements, and wearable items such as faux bud headphones and keychains. The wide selection makes for a wide price range as well, with a large bouquet costing up to $300 and a flower crown $50.

Photo courtesy of @thestonedflorist [Instagram]

Blunted Objects

Attributing their company inspiration to the years of oppression that gave cannabis a bad name, Blunted Objects aims to “represent the new generation of stoners.” Founded by the fierce Melodie Ling with the aim to provide an equally fierce aesthetic, you’re sure to find the statement piece you’re looking for here. Blunted Objects carries a large selection from crowns and stash cases to virtually any jewelry piece you could dream of with a tasteful selection for men as well. Their range looks at $10 for a stylish pin and $210 for a gold necklace grinder with free US shipping on orders over $20.

Photo courtesy of www.bluntedobjects.com

Stonedware Company

Inspiration struck savvy founder, Ariel Zimman, when she grew tired of putting her typical rainbow pipe in a drawer. As an experienced sculptor, she began playing with different designs and came out with a gorgeous geometric, stackable product.  These ergonomically designed pipes are breathtaking with each pipe available in small, medium, and large sizes. Stonedware ceramic pipes are all handcrafted with a porcelain finish, food-safe glaze, and in some designs, 22K gold. This craftsmanship and quality of course comes at a price with their purse pipes starting at $50 and their mantle worthy full-sized pipes ranging from $80-$120.

Photo courtesy of @stonedwarecompany [Instagram]