Have you ever been on a wine tour? You get to take the day to travel to different vineyards and sample delicious wine. If you have, you probably enjoyed it – especially if you’re a wine lover. But have you ever considered a cannabis tour?

For cannabis lovers, cannabis tourism is the perfect way to get out, try different strains, and experience cannabis culture in a safe, fun way. And in Canada, cannabis tourism experiences already exist. Kind of…

What is Cannabis Tourism?

We’re pretty lucky in Canada to have legalized cannabis. But not everyone is as lucky as we are. Most countries around the world don’t have legal cannabis. This means a lot of people coming to Canada for vacation are interested in more than just the beautiful landscapes.

Companies and individuals alike want to share and promote our Canadian cannabis culture. This has sparked an interest in cannabis tourism nation-wide. We have cannabis walking tours, joint rolling sessions, edibles cooking lessons, factory tours, and even “bud and breakfasts”.

But cannabis tourism hasn’t hit a high in Canada the way it has in places like Amsterdam. There are still a lot of limitations on what our cannabis companies can and can’t do in Canada. This is making it difficult for our cannabis tourism industry to really take off. The Canadian cannabis tourism industry is facing two big roadblocks: a lack of smoking areas and marketing restrictions.

Approved Smoking Areas

A tourist might imagine a cannabis-themed vacation where they spend their days smoking in different cafes or clubs. Or maybe they picture a private limo tour where they can partake while driving to different dispensaries. Or maybe they just want to legally buy their joint and smoke it freely.

These aren’t quite the reality. In Canada, we have really strict rules about where people can enjoy their cannabis. This includes no smoking:

  • Indoors (for example in a bar, restaurant, or entertainment venue)
  • On covered patios
  • In a vehicle – parked or moving
  • In most public places such as parks and sidewalks (as determined by local bylaws)

These rules make it difficult for tour companies and individual tourists to fully immerse themselves in our cannabis culture.

Marketing Regulations

Another big problem the cannabis tourism industry faces is marketing. Currently, there are very strict rules about how the Canadian cannabis industry can market their products. These rules forbid:

  • Promotion to young people. There can be no cannabis promotions in places that can be either accessed or viewed or in a way that could be appealing to people 18 or younger.
  • Any communication about cannabis prices, distribution, or services.
  • Testimonials or endorsements or a depiction of a person, character, or animal (whether real or fiction) that evokes “a way of life such as one that includes glamour, recreation, excitement, vitality, risk, or daring.”

With these rules in place, its very clear why cannabis tourism businesses are struggling to grow. They simply can’t advertise their services where and how they’d like.

Fortunately, the Canadian Marketing Association believes these rules will lighten up over time: “What we probably see over time is, there becomes a loosening of these rules and you probably see a move that cannabis is treated more like alcohol vs. tobacco.”

As we wait to see if Canada becomes the next hot spot for eager cannabis fans, why not try out a cannabis tour? Check out these cool tours by Canada High Tours or get out and find a tour in your nearest city.