Girl with blue eyes holding cannabis leaf close to her face for Canada cannabis trendsMaturation. Coming of age. Evolution. Whatever you want to call it, it’s clear that Canada’s cannabis market will inevitably grow and come along way in 2019. The question still remains:

“Will the legal cannabis market in Canada be able to lure consumers away from the black market dealers with adequate supply and cutting-edge products?”

Canada has become the world’s guinea pig and countries are watching the cannabis market closely to see how the legalisation of recreational marijuana progresses in a G7 country with a free marketplace.

One of the most exciting developments to watch for in 2019 is how consumers’ taste and cannabis preference will drive the landscape of cannabis trends, whose fate lies in the hands of cannabis retailers and producers.

Price is the primary factor driving consumer decisions when it comes to purchasing cannabis in Canada. However, the availability of different types of cannabis products also shapes consumer choice according to a Deloitte survey which analysed opinions in Canada’s cannabis market.

The Popularity of Cannabis Products Varies Throughout Canada

Every province in Canada is unique with its own quirks and tastes. It’s no different when it comes to the Canadian cannabis market – each province has its own set of favorite cannabis products suppliers can’t seem to keep stocked on the shelves.

Cannabis flower varieties varied greatly province by province and were the most popular product in demand. British Columbia topped the list for options with ninety-seven varieties available to consumers. Examining the other products offered by cannabis retailers in Canada, it varied to the degree of being a hit and miss for the availability of things such as:

  • Cannabis gel capsules
  • CBD, THC, and cannabis oils and sprays
  • Cannabis edibles
  • Beverages infused with cannabis

Even considering all the variances in the different parts of the country – one constant remains…

…the shortage.

Supply has yet to meet the demand for cannabis products in Canada. As such, not much data is available for cannabis retail marketers to figure out what Canadians want the most in their cannabis dispensaries, online retailers, and head shops for accessories.

8 Canada Cannabis Trends to Watch for in 2019

  1. More cannabis products will become available in Canada in 2019. Watch for supply issues to decrease due to the heightened production of cannabis products and accelerated cultivation of cannabis.  Retailers will get to know their market’s wants and desires through the widespread sale of products that will result from the anticipated increase in supply.
  2. Expect to find cannabis in everything. Literally, everything. In 2018, we saw our share of cannabis-infused products from bath bombs to fine dining and pet products. It’s only going to ramp up from there. In 2019, don’t be surprised to find cannabis maple syrup (if it’s not already out there now) and cannabis-based toilet paper (which probably already exists too). You get the idea though. It’s going to be epic.
  3. The joint will lose its ground as the go-to as more ways to consume cannabis emerge and grow in popularity. Smoking a joint has been the most common way people have mainstream used cannabis for years. Because Canada is ushering in the regulations for inhalables, topicals, edibles, and beverages, these new products are going to enter into the space with along other non-smoking cannabis products such as concentrates and oil. Lighting up a joint might simply sound dull to even long-term cannabis users with a plethora of options on the table. Cannabis consumption is never going to be the same and 2019 will see a flurry of new sophisticated products.
  4. Cannabis products are going to increase in quality and purity in 2019. Consumer demand will drive an increase in quality, purity, safety, and reliability of products. Even when it comes to the Canadian hemp industry, competition and regulations will improve the quality of hemp products.
  5. Canada’s cannabis tourism industry will gain momentum in 2019. Not extremely popular yet, but you should still know that the cannabis tourism industry became a thing in 2018, that is expected to continue its growth. Vancouver, Ontario is a city that has long-been marijuana-friendly and has already experienced the incorporation into non-dispensary retails stores and cafes across the city.Large-scale cannabis retailers, such as Cannabis Growth, have been repurposing buildings, such as the old Hershey’s factory in Smith Falls, Ontario, into cannabis production plants. They renovate them into full-fledged cannabis factories and provide educational tours and have visitor centres.Vice recently covered the emergent “luxury weed tourism” industry that has seen everything from weddings to fine dining and spa treatments infused with cannabis. This fun sector of the cannabis industry is only starting off and 2019 will see these events and excursions taken to new heights with the new edibles and beverages expected to hit the market!
  6. Cannabinoids other than tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD) will receive the spotlight for attention in 2019. Minor cannabinoids will be further researched and their benefits will be promoted and enhanced through extraction processes. Such minor cannabinoids include:
    1. Cannabinol (CBN), which is effective at inducing sleep
    2. Cannabichromene (CBC), which is known for its anti-inflammatory properties
    3. Cannabigerol (CBG), which has shown neuroprotective qualities
  7. Safety standards will be upheld and retailers will be responsible for abiding by regulations.
    As production operations continue to ramp, expect to see more incidences of recalls for mold and pesticides that often make their way into commercial production of cannabis and hemp. Strict enforcement of regulations will result in higher quality products on the market.
  8. Cannabidiol products will grow exponentially in 2019. CBD is already everywhere. From coffee to vapes to pet products and tea, Canada already has a large amount of CBD-infused items for sale. Remember, this is just the beginning. Whether you want to call it accurate or not, CBD is being marketed as a “cure-all” that is effective at treating everything from inflammation to anxiety, depression, seizures, and more. Because CBD is usually extracted from hemp, which has been legal to cultivate in Canada since 1998, Canada has already produced enough CBD to become the world’s leading supplier. An article in Forbes quotes Todd Morrow, president of HempMeds, who explained that:

“Cannabis oils in a 1:1 (one part CBD to one part THC) formulation are currently very popular in Canada, and there is a shortage of products with this formulation in the provincial cannabis retail outlets. We are looking forward to taking advantage of this 1:1 popularity later this year when Health Canada approves edibles and higher concentrate products for the legal market. We think these products will be extremely sought-after when that happens.”

It’s an Exciting Time to Be Alive in Canada!

Especially if you are a cannabis consumer. Stay posted to our blog to catch the latest Canadian cannabis news and updates.