It doesn’t take a seasoned cannabis user to know that the amount you consume matters, but some things are unfortunately only learned through trial and error. Here we’ll cover some tips to ensure your first experience with cannabis is a pleasant one, and hopefully help you avoid making the same mistakes we did.

How Much Cannabis Should I Consume?

With most substances, this is a tricky dance to learn and the cannabis jig is no different. The rule of thumb for new users is start low (THC content), go slow (one inhale, or bite, at a time). The type of cannabis also plays a role here. Edibles, for example, are food or drinks made with cannabis infused cooking agents such as oil or butter. Most edibles are dosed at 10mg of THC per serving and the amount you need to get a good high will vary depending on your height, weight, metabolism, and tolerance. The biggest mistake first-time edible consumers make is eating or drinking too much, not because the product tastes so good, but because of how long it takes for the high to begin. This piece of advice cannot be stressed enough – be patient! Start with one serving and wait. Some edibles take as long as 2 hours to take effect. We know you’re excited to go on this brand new adventure, but trust us, no good will come from rushing the process and taking more than you need. Cannabis extracts like hash, dab, shatter, oil, and wax are also much more potent because they are concentrates of THC and CBD. To consume these, you will need a vapourizer and you will need to be very mindful of how much you inhale since a little hoot of concentrates can make for a big high.

You might be thinking “Wow, that’s a lot of information. How do I make sure I don’t find myself scared up in the highest tree I’ve ever climbed?” And that’s why most of us began with plain ol’ dry herb. At the end of the day, we know you’re going to do what you want, but our tip here is don’t complicate it – find a dry herb vapourizer, a nice little pipe that speaks to you, or learn how to roll a joint and…start low, go slow!

The Hidden Factors to Consider

Your environment matters. If you decide to get high with someone who doesn’t approve of or enjoy cannabis and makes you feel judged, you are obviously not going to be all that comfortable. Similarly, if your first time is in a stranger’s house, a crowded bar, or a hostel in Copenhagen, comfort levels are likely to take a nosedive which will result in a less pleasant, and sometimes even terrible, high. The key takeaway here is you’re already doing something that is foreign to you and your comfort is, naturally, taking a hit. Everything in your surroundings should increase your comfort so that you feel open to, and safe in, the experience. 

Can I Mix Alcohol and Cannabis?

The combination of alcohol and cannabis has been termed crossfading and while some partake in it, few genuinely like the experience. This is because cannabis actually increases the absorption of alcohol while alcohol increase the duration that cannabis stays in your system and amplifies the effects of THC and CBD. The result is an increased risk of greening out – the awful feeling of being so high that you get anxious, overwhelmed, and nauseas to the point of vomiting. Our advice? Don’t fix what ain’t broken! Especially if you’re just starting out, you won’t know what a cannabis high is really like if you mix it with alcohol. 

Maybe you try cannabis and decide it just isn’t for you – that’s perfectly ok! Our hope is that the knowledge gained through this series at least provides you with the best experience possible before making that decision.