What better way to finish a meal than with dessert? Desserts are great! But sometimes they’re too much, especially after a big meal. Fortunately, there’s a way to satisfy your post-supper sweet tooth without all the sugar – with cannabis!

Maybe you’re content to finish your meal with a classic strain, but not everyone likes those deep, earthy, skunky strains anymore. After supper, instead of having a sweet dessert, why not try one of these uber tasty dessert strains? You can experience the yummy flavours with the added high to slip into a nice after-meal daze.



Gelato is a strain that’s sure to please. Just like the dessert it’s named after, Gelato’s flavour is nearly universally appealing and leaves you wanting another taste. This dessert strain inherited a sweet, citrusy flavour from its parents: Sunset Sherbet and Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies. While the flavour is a crowd pleaser, new users should use with caution. Gelato has a high THC content and can be a little strong. But anyone who’s comfortable with strong strains will love the euphoria, creativity, and relaxation they experience.


Do you avoid sugary-sweet desserts? Would you rather have a cup of hot coffee to end a meal? If you would, you should consider swapping your cup of joe out for this tasty strain. With its combination of sweet chocolate and aromatic coffee, this strain is the perfect way to end any meal. The powerful cerebral high will hit you right away. But instead of leaving you couch-bound, this strain leaves you feeling upbeat and energized. Chocolope boosts your energy in a way that coffee just can’t.

Blueberry Pie

Blueberry Pie has some pretty famous parents. This hybrid is a cross of two very well known strains: Girl Scout Cookies and Blue Dream. Not surprisingly, this strain has an overwhelming blueberry flavour that gives it its name. The fresh blueberry flavours combine with the deeper, earthier taste reminiscent of Girl Scout Cookies to create a rich flavour that’s equal parts sweet and skunky. This isn’t a strain for first time users though. Its high THC content means Blueberry Pie gives you a full-body high that will leave you both relaxed and euphoric.

Crème Brule

Crème Brule isn’t just a tasty French dessert anymore. It’s also a decadent strain of cannabis. Just like the dessert, Crème Brule is full of rich, delicious flavours. This strain tastes nutty with mix of sweet vanilla and an earthy, woody aftertaste. One of the best parts of this strain is the high. Crème Brule will have you kicking back on the couch for a long nap. It’s euphoric, relaxing high will leave you happy and relaxed. This dessert strain is much more rare than others on this list, so if you see it in stock, grab it and give it a try.

Key Lime Pie

Just like the name suggests, Key Lime Pie is full of bright and citrusy flavours, but you’ll also detect hints of mint and spice throughout this strain. You’ll feel the effects of Key Lime Pie almost immediately. The strain will give you a relaxing body high combined with a dreamy head high. After a couple puffs you’ll be laying back on the couch for the rest of the evening. Fair warning: with its powerful high, this strain is best for people with a high tolerance.


Head over to our strains page to learn more about the taste, lineage, and effects of these strains. Or, check out your local dispensary to see if they have these delicious strains in stock.

Have you already tried these strains? Or are you looking for a dessert that’s a little more filling? You can always try making your own dessert edibles at home instead. You can check out these recipes to get started.