It’s October 17th, cannabis legalization day and probably the best Wednesday you’ve had in a while! How are you going to honour the occasion, make sure it doesn’t pass like every other Wednesday?

After decades of prohibition, Canada is about to become the first G7 country to legalize recreational cannabis. Everyone is sure to be in high spirits today. We’ve rounded up some ideas to help you celebrate legalization day.

Plant and Grow Your Own Cannabis!

Now that it’s legal, you can not only buy cannabis – you can also begin growing your own plants! Every Canadian is allowed four plants per household. October is a little cold for planting outside, but you can buy a pot, some seeds, and plant your own cannabis plant in your home. Before you test your green thumb, maybe do a little reading on how to keep your plant alive. Take a look at this comprehensive guide to growing your own cannabis to learn more.

Treat Yourself Today

Do you have a special strain tucked away that you’ve been saving for just the right occasion? Today is the day! Pull it out and enjoy. Today is, after all, a celebration.

Or, if you haven’t got anything saved up for today, you could try a new strain. Canada’s cannabis is among the best in the world. In honour of our country legalizing cannabis, why not try some strains with Canadian roots? Here are 11 Canadian cannabis strainsfor you to celebrate with.


Splurge on Some Luxury Cannabis Accessories

Get some custom glass or a vaporizer. Or, if you’re really feeling like revelling in the moment, invest in some gold rolling papers. These papers combine edible gold leaf with a slow burning interior paper and cost from $55-$60 for a pack of 12. A bit of an expense, but one that will help make this a day to remember.


Turn on Some Classic Cheech and Chong

Thelegendary duo are possibly the most famous stoners in entertainment. In fact, they likely helped pave the way for today’s legalization. Throughout their lives they openly smoked cannabis, despite it being illegal. They performed comedy, recorded albums, and had a series of movies. Celebrate their lives and today’s accomplishment by sitting down, lighting up, and watching the legendary Cheech and Chong.


Bake Some Brownies

Maybe you aren’t a fan of smoking, but you still want to celebrate today. While you can’t buy or sell any cannabis edibles, you can make them for your own consumption. Just make sure you know how much to add in. If you’re new to cooking with cannabis, check out this postto make sure you don’t over bake.


Attend a Legalization Party

In celebration of this highly anticipated moment, many people are hosting cannabis celebration events. If you want to get out of the house and celebrate with others, check and see what kinds of events are happening near you. Across the country there are cannabis-related parties tonight. To find an event one website to visit is They feature a variety of events across the country.


Spend the Evening with Friends

Nobody says you have to do anything special to celebrate. It is now legal to enjoy cannabis recreationally. That means you can smoke cannabis socially without consequence. Invite some friends over, roll your first legal joint, and enjoy.


Remember to Use Responsibly

Whether you choose to celebrate alone, with friends, at home, or out partying, make sure you are safe and responsible. We are fortunate that Canada has such progressive laws, but make sure you know the law so you can stay within it. Be aware of possession limits, where you can smoke, and what you can legally buy. Legalization isn’t a free-for-all; so make sure you know the laws surrounding cannabis.


No matter how you mark today, be sure to take the time to enjoy! It’s your first legal taste, after all.