Your heart is pounding, the room is spinning, you can’t catch your breath, you’re glued to the couch, and you’re freaking out. You’ve ingested too much cannabis. We’ve all been there. And when that happens, it’s not an enjoyable experience.

It’s easy to misjudge how much cannabis to use when you’re your first time. It can be disorienting, confusing, or even scary the first time you accidentally over-indulge. While there’s no miracle cure to stop you from being high, there are a few ways to help. Here are a few ways you can help someone who has ingested a little too much cannabis.

Remind Them to Breathe

If you’ve ever been too high you know your heart starts racing and you feel short of breath. The first thing you can focus on is simple: breathing. If your friend is too high, sit down together and focus on taking long, deep breaths. It will simultaneously calm them and give them something to focus on.

Talk With Them

Distraction is often the best medicine when someone overindulges. If they fixate on how they’re feeling, they could spiral out of control. You can usually help distract someone who is too high by talking with them in a slow, calming manner. Get them chatting about anything other than how they’re feeling – before you know it they’ll be much calmer.

Give Them Black Peppercorn

If someone’s ingested a little too much cannabis, you should have them smell or munch on some black peppercorn. This might sound a little crazy, but give it a try. It’s believed that peppercorns bind to receptors in your brain and can minimize the effects of THC on your body.

Have Them Take a Nap

Relaxation is key when you’ve ingested too much. And what better way to relax then with a nap? Try to find a quiet, comfortable place to lie down and rest. If you can fall asleep, great! When you wake up the worst will probably have passed. If not, simply get cozy, close your eyes, and unwind.

Have a Drink

If you or your friend are too high, you can try sitting down and having a drink. The familiar, repetitive action of drinking can help focus and calm you. And as a bonus it’ll help you combat dry mouth! But don’t drink alcohol. Alcohol actually enhances the effects of THC, which means it will heighten your feelings of being high. Instead, try drinking a little water or juice.

Smoke Some More

No, we’re not joking. You might be able to help someone who’s too high by having them smoke more cannabis. How? It comes down to the type of cannabis.

That uncomfortable “too high” feeling comes from a high concentration of THC in your body. A strain with a high CBD, low THC content can help you relax and combat that too high feeling. So if you have some high CBD strains on hand, pull them out and give it a try.

Remind Them It’s Temporary

When you’re too high, it’s easy to feel like it will never go away. The absolute best thing you can do is help someone get through it without panicking by reminding them that what they’re feeling isn’t going to last. By reminding your friend that what they’re feeling is temporary, you can hopefully help them calm down and relax.

Cannabis is amazing when you take the right amount! Unfortunately, it’s very easy to ingest just a little too much, especially if you’re a new user. But with these tips on hand you can be prepared in case you or a friend over indulge.

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