You can enjoy cannabis a lot of different ways. From the age-old joint to a bong, a pipe to edibles, the options seem pretty endless. But have you considered vaping? It’s fast becoming one of the most popular ways to enjoy your weed.

What is a Vapourizer?

Very Well Health defines a vapourizer as an electronic device that uses heat to vapourize weed, tobacco, herbal smoke, or liquid. You can then inhale these products in vapour form. For example, an e-cigarette is a vapourizer.

The vapourizer works by heating the bud to the point that the active ingredients (for example THC and CBD) are turned into a vapour, but not high enough to combust (burn). This results in a much cleaner, healthier method of getting high.

Why Choose a Vapourizer?

Right now, it seems vaping is one of the safest ways for you to get high. While smoking cannabis is better for you than smoking a cigarette, you’re still putting smoke in your lungs.

Fortunately, vapourizers allow you to experience the same high as smoking a joint without inhaling any smoke. While there needs to be more research, vaping is one of the cleanest, healthiest way to enjoy cannabis.

Types of Vapourizers

There are a couple different types of vapourizers, so make sure you get the one to suit your needs. Different brands may be better for beginners and long-time vapers. Ask around at your local hemp shop to see which ones are best for you.

Tabletop Vapourizer

This is typically an at-home only device because of their size. They’re also the most expensive. But, this kind of vapourizer gives you the most control over temperature, allowing you to vape with greater precision. This is great for group settings, so you can all enjoy.

Dry Herb Vapourizer

These devices are portable, handheld, and easy to use. There’s a range of prices and models to suit your needs. They heat up your herb and release the vapours, without any combustion. This is your device if you want an experience similar to smoking.

Concentrate and Oil Vapourizers

Often known as pen vapourizers, these are designed for discreet, on-the-go use. They’re battery-powered and the most cost-effective. Be warned though, the effects can be quite strong depending on the cartridge you use. This device is best for people who want a high on the go.

How to Begin

Now you’ve picked your vapourizers, you’re ready to begin vaping. Remember if you’re new to vaping there’s a bit of a learning curve; it might take a couple tries before you get it right. Here are some recommendations to help you enjoy your first taste.

Figuring Out Your Amounts

Learning how much cannabis to put in your vapourizer is tricky. It’s easy to overdo it and end up with a stronger high than you anticipated. The best thing to do is start small. If you don’t get your desired high, simply add more cannabis next time.


Inhaling from a vapourizer isn’t as easy as breathing. If you inhale too much too fast, you could end up in a coughing fit, but if you don’t inhale deeply, you might not get your desired high. The best way to start is to ‘sip’ the device, rather than inhaling as much and as deeply as you can.

Take Your Time

Make sure you don’t rush. If you do, you could end up in a coughing fit or feeling like you’ve walked into a sauna. You also want to really appreciate the different flavours. When you vape you can exhale through your nose and really pick up on all the flavours. Make sure you take advantage of this!

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