We’ve all been to weddings. We all know what to expect from the service and the reception. But have you ever been to a wedding with a cannabis bar? Imagine this: You’re walking around chatting during cocktail hour and instead of wine you’re offered a joint. Or you go to the dessert table and find an array of cannabis or edibles instead. This might seem a little shocking, but with legalization in full swing more and more people are opting to include cannabis on their special day.

Cannabis for Weddings?

Cannabis is now legal for recreational use, and couples who partake love having the option to incorporate cannabis in their wedding. And really, what better way to celebrate than with cannabis? Many strains will energize and excite your guests, letting them enjoy your wedding all night long without a nasty hangover in the morning.

How Do You Incorporate Cannabis?

People are now including cannabis in higher-calibre events, so why not include it in weddings? According to Brides, some of the more common ways that couples are including cannabis in their weddings are:

Pot Bars

Think cocktail bar, but instead of alcohol, it serves different strains of cannabis. Most often, Pot Bars will have a professional who can answer any questions about the strains available. Some couples will have this in addition to serving alcohol, but others are beginning to replace the traditional alcohol entirely.

Pot Tents

To be considerate of the people at your wedding who don’t want to or can’t partake, many couples will have a dedicated and separate cannabis space in a tent. The tent will be set up for guests to smoke their cannabis separate from guests who don’t care for the smoke.

Welcome Gifts

It’s always nice to have a little something for your out of town guests, and now many couples are including marijuana-infused goodies in their welcome baskets. If you do this make sure to label everything very clearly so that nobody accidentally ingests.

Wedding Favours

This could include some home-baked edibles like cake-pops or even candies. You’ll want to make sure no minors get their hands on these favours, though, so mark them separately.

Things to Consider

Including cannabis in your wedding can be a great way to add to your celebration, but before you get too far in your planning, there are a few things to consider:

Your Guest List

Look at your guest list and think about who would want to and who can actually consume cannabis. Will your grandmother want to smoke? And don’t forget about any minors who can’t legally use cannabis anyway. From this you can decide how you want to incorporate cannabis and how much you’ll need.

How to Incorporate

Once you’ve decided you’re including cannabis at your wedding you’ll need to decide how to incorporate it. Will you have different strains for your guests to try? Or maybe you want to avoid the smoke so you’ll only include edibles. This decision will have to be based on your budget, venue, and guests’ experience with cannabis.

Are You Including Alcohol?

Many non-cannabis users will likely still want there to be alcohol at your wedding but that’s an additional cost for you. Also remember that many experts don’t recommend mixing cannabis and alcohol. You’ll have to decide if you’re going to have a cocktail bar in addition to cannabis.

Have a Cannabis Expert

You might be a regular user of cannabis, but that doesn’t mean all of your guests are. They might not know what strains to choose, how much to ingest, or where to start. By having an expert on cannabis at your wedding, you can make sure that all of your guests fully enjoy your cannabis-inclusive wedding.