Valentine’s Day is less than a week away, so if you haven’t gotten a gift yet, now’s the time! Chocolates and red roses are pretty standard around V-day, but you can also consider a gift that’s a little more personal and a little better suited to your cannabis-loving loved ones. If you and your significant other are both cannabis connoisseurs, you could actually plan an entire cannabis-infused Valentine’s Day!

This year is the first time we can legally celebrate with cannabis, so make sure you take full advantage, whether you’re just going to include cannabis-themed gifts, or you’re going to go full blown with activities. Here are some neat ideas to help you plan a totally unique cannabis-themed Valentine’s Day.

Cannabis Bouquet

Who doesn’t love getting a dozen, long-stem red roses? They might seem old fashioned but they’re a classic romantic gesture. Instead of sticking with tradition though, you can now get your true love a cannabis bouquet. Mix some of your favourite cannabis flowers in with a bouquet, or make a bouquet entirely out of cannabis – the choice is yours! As a bonus, you and your sweetheart can enjoy the buds together. The cannabis lover in your life is sure to love this gift.

Cannabis-Infused Chocolates

Chocolate is another traditional Valentine’s gift. So why not put a twist on it by gifting cannabis-infused chocolates instead? While you can’t buy edibles on the market yet, you can still give your better half cannabis-infused chocolate this Valentine’s Day. You’ll just have to make this gift at home, making it twice as sweet. Plus, your significant other is sure to appreciate the effort you put in. Here’s a recipe you can try!

Cannabis-Infused Massage Oils

This is a gift you and your partner can enjoy together. Cannabis massages are known to help people relax, and massaging your partner is incredibly intimate. Light some candles, turn on some relaxing music, and take turns massaging each other with the cannabis massage oil. Not only is this a great way for you to relax together, it’s a romantic gesture that may lead to some extra Valentine’s love… Oh la la! Learn more about cannabis massages in our recent blog post.

Cook a Cannabis Supper

This requires a little extra effort on your part, but it’ll go a long way. Cook your partner a delicious, cannabis-infused supper to enjoy. Plan out the menu to include some of your favourites and decide how you want to incorporate cannabis. If you want you can even plan to cook together. This is the perfect way to spend the evening together and afterward you can both kick back and enjoy the high. It’s a great, low-key way to spend the holiday.

Cannabis Extras

When it comes to Valentine’s Day it’s nice to spoil your partner by getting them something they want, but wouldn’t get for themselves. Maybe your significant other has been eyeing a specific rolling paper or a new vapourizer. Perhaps they’ve mentioned a bong or lighter. Whatever the gift might be, try to surprise them with it. They’ll really appreciate the effort and everyone likes being spoiled sometimes.

Romantic Cannabis Strains

Maybe you and your partner are just looking for a romantic night in. If that’s the case, you could consider a cannabis strain to help get the night going. There are a few specific strains to help get you in the mood for some real romance. If you’re wondering what strains to try, check out this list of 11 arousing strains. It’s a romantic holiday, after all!

Now you’re ready to plan your romantic cannabis-infused Valentine’s Day. All that’s left is to celebrate with your special someone. If you’re interested in finding some strains to help you spread the love, be sure to check out our strains page.