The days are getting shorter, the temperatures are getting colder, and the snow is getting deeper. It’s the kind of weather where you don’t want to go outside.  You just want to curl up in your pyjamas under a thick blanket and hide until spring finally comes.

Unfortunately, you can’t hibernate through the winter, but there are ways to make it seem less long. Here are some of the best strains for you to try while you hide from the cold.

Maui Wowie

Are you stuck in the cold weather, wishing you could fly away to the tropics? Leave winter behind and travel straight there. After smoking a little Maui Wowie, you’ll feel like you’ve left the cold behind for the beaches of Hawaii. This strain has undeniably tropical flavours, with citrus and pineapple that will make you feel like you’re lying on a Hawaiian beach. Get into that happy, stress-free, energetic state after smoking Maui Wowie so you can leave those winter blues behind.

O.G. Kush

If you’re planning a night in with friends, pick up some of this calming strain. Known for its tasty cedar and pine flavours with a slight citrus twist, O.G. Kush is highly recommended for a night in. Its head-high and stress-relieving properties will get you and your friends talking and reminiscing as you forget the cold weather outside.  So make a hot drink, curl up under a blanket, and pull out some O.G. Kush.

Granddaddy Purple

When the weather outside is so frightful, you don’t feel like doing anything other than sinking into your couch. This is the perfect strain for you to lay back and relax the whole night. It’s a heavy-hitting indica strain with sweet, grape flavours. Granddaddy Purple has some strong psychoactive effects, giving your mind a sense of euphoria and your body some serious relaxation. Once you’ve smoked this, you won’t feel like moving anywhere, so make sure you have some blankets nearby so you can curl up for a long winter’s nap.

Jack Frost

Are you someone who embraces winter because of the sports? If you are, then this strain is one for you to try before lacing up your skates or strapping on your snowboard. Its earthy, woody, and pine flavour are perfect for someone who loves the outdoors. Jack Frost will make you feel energetic, happy, euphoric, and creative. It also has a very soothing and calming effect on your body. Perfect for the person who’s on the go this winter!

Kali Mist

If you’re needing a little extra boost to make it through winter, give Kali Mist a try. The flavours are earthy and woody but with a surprising citrus sweetness that also comes through. What makes Kali Mist so special is the high that it delivers. You’ll get a powerful but subtly creative and euphoric high that doesn’t leave you feeling brain dead. This strain will give you that much needed boost to help you power through to spring.

Northern Lights

Among the most famous strains of all time, Northern Lights is ideal for the winter. After smoking, you’re sure to feel its body-numbing effects, and you’ll be left feeling relaxed, euphoric, and sleepy. This is a great strain for you to get a full mind and body experience. With its sweet, spicy flavours, it has a heat that can warm you through to your bones. This is a must-try this winter!