The new year is almost upon us, which means we’ll soon be celebrating with friends and family to ring in 2019. This New Years Eve, rather than pulling out the champagne, why not celebrate with cannabis? We’ve got everything you need to consider when you’re throwing a cannabis-infused New Years Eve party.

Be Prepared for Every Ingestion Method

Not everybody likes to eat his or her cannabis and not everyone likes to smoke it. As the host, you need to be prepared for this. You don’t want any of your guests to not partake because they don’t like edibles. Leafly recommends being prepared by having some of the most preferred cannabis ingestions methods on hand.


This is the most common method for consuming cannabis, so you’ll definitely need to be ready for smokers. For people who prefer traditional smoking methods make sure you have:

  • A variety of strains
  • Rolling papers
  • A pipe
  • Lots of super fun lighters


The new and trendy method, many people are now turning to vapes instead of joints. Most people will bring their own vapes, but you could also invest in a larger vapourizer so the entire room can enjoy!


People who don’t enjoy smoking or vaping will appreciate you making edibles for them to enjoy. When you’re providing edibles, remember it will take more time for your guests to feel the effects. Also, be sure to keep your cannabis-infused edibles separate from the others – nobody wants an unexpected surprise!

Have a Variety of Strains

Cannabis isn’t a one-strain-fits-all. Everyone has different preferences and reactions, so it’s important to have a variety of strains available. You’ll probably want a couple strains to help get the party going, so be sure to include some sativas that will help energize your company and get conversation flowing. However, some people may prefer a more mellow indica strain, especially at the end of the evening. Make sure you have a mix of strains to suit your guests’ preferences.

It’s also important to make sure your guests know what they’re taking. Provide them a name and maybe some basic info about the strain. Include the name, the flavour, and some of the effects they can expect.

Consider All the ‘Extras’

Just like any other New Years Eve party, you want to make sure you’re ready to host. This includes making sure you have food and drink ready for your guests. There’s a slight difference for this type of party, though. You’ll want to make sure you have extra (cannabis-free) snacks ready for when the munchies hit. It’s best to have finger foods ready. You could also have pizza, chips, or fruit trays lined up for when guests start getting hungry.

And you’ll also need to provide some drinks. Have some water, juice, or coffee ready for your guests to help with the cotton-mouth effect some people get. While some people like mixing cannabis and alcohol, we recommend keeping the party focused on enjoying the sensation of a high this New Years Eve.

Be Aware of Guests Who Are Minors

While cannabis is legal, it isn’t legal for people under the age of 18 or 19 (depending on the province or territory you live in). That means anyone under age at your party can’t partake. Be sure to keep cannabis-infused munchies separate from others so there are no accident, and set out some clear rules at the beginning of the night so you don’t have a legal situation on your hands to ring in the new year.