More people than ever before are taking the opportunity to try cannabis for the first time thanks to legalization in Canada.  Trying cannabis for the first time can be incredibly overwhelming if you’ve never smoked up before. Where do you start? Which strain do you choose? What is the difference between an indica and a sativa? Do you want something with a high or low THC content? These questions and others can confuse new users, which is why it’s important to do a little research before you buy your first strain of cannabis.

If you end up choosing an overly potent strain it can ruin your experience completely. You may decide cannabis isn’t for you simply because it wasn’t the right strain, not because you don’t like cannabis. To help with this, we’ve complied a list of the top 6 strains for beginners.

Jack Herer

Jack Herer is named after the author by the same name who was a famed cannabis activist. You probably know him as the author of the Emperor’s New Clothes. This strain has only a moderate amount of THC, so you won’t experience an overly intense psychological reaction. However, you will be left feeling mellow, creative, focused, and happy. These effects are sure to give you a positive first experience.


Similar to Jack Herer, Harlequin is a strain very low in THC but quite high in CBD. This provides the user with a very relaxing, euphoric high without the disorientation of a head high. In addition to relaxation, you will also feel focused and energetic. If you have any anxieties about using cannabis for the first time, you won’t after trying Harlequin.


Another high CBD strain, Cannatonic comes highly recommended for newcomers and anyone with a low tolerance. In addition to feeling relaxed, happy, and focused, many users report warm, tingly feelings rushing through their body after they smoke. You will also find this strain has a mild cerebral effect, giving you a very light high. If you’re looking for a great experience with a short high try cannatonic.

Blue Dream

This is probably the most popular strain on the market, and for good reason. Blue Dream is incredibly uplifting and euphoric, leaving you without any stress or tension. This strain has very balanced effects, leaving you relaxed and happy with a very mild and pleasant cerebral high. In addition, many first time users will be pleased that Blue Dream doesn’t have the traditional pot scent. Instead, it has a very distinct berry flavour. It’s definitely a strain for newbies.


Don’t let the name scare you here. Pennywise might be named after the scary clown from It, but it’s not a frightening strain. This strain is one of the closest to having a perfect 1:1 ratio of THC and CBD. This balance means that you can experience a mild high without becoming overwhelmed. You’ll probably find that you experience more of a body-high combined with feelings of euphoria and focus.

Girl Scout Cookies

Girl Scout Cookies is another strain with a balance of THC and CBD. The balance here provides a mix of effects. When you use this strain you can expect a mental high along with feelings of euphoria and relaxation. While the effects won’t overwhelm you, you will find that they can last for hours so make sure you’re ready for a night in.

Are you ready to try cannabis for the first time? Before you get started make sure you’re fully prepared. To make sure you’re ready, check out our post on What First Time Users Should Know About Strains. To try these strains and others, check out our strains.