When you’re a kid Halloween is all about dressing up and getting as much candy as possible. As an adult you don’t get to go trick or treating anymore, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still treat yourself this Halloween.

Here are some of the spookiest Halloween-themed cannabis strains we’ve found to help you celebrate.

Black Widow

Whether it’s a poisonous spider or the name of a female assassin, Black Widows are certainly frightening. And Halloween is the perfect night for a good scare.

With a name as terrifying as Black Widow, you know this is not a strain for first time users. With a high THC level, this strain has similar effects to its popular sibling, White Widow. Black Widow has a balance of sativa and indica and leaves you feeling euphoric, happy, and relaxed. This might be good right before you visit a haunted house.

Jack the Ripper

We all know that Jack the Ripper was a notorious serial killer in the late 1800s. He stalked the East End of London, and he was never identified. After all these years, the mystery around Jack the Ripper hasn’t faded, he has inspired songs, books, movies, and now a strain of cannabis.

Not to worry, this strain won’t turn you into a serial killer. It is, however, a deceptively strong strain that is very visually stimulating and intense. If you’re a first time user, it’s sure to leave you feeling a little disoriented. Overall, this strain will leave you in a reflective, meditative state, while still having energizing characteristics. It’s the perfect way for you to end a Halloween night out.

Zombie OG

Dressing up as a zombie for Halloween? Get into the part and try some Zombie OG. This strain certainly won’t transform you into a flesh-eating monster, although it does have brain-melting effects!

If you’re planning a low-key night of relaxing on the couch, be sure to try Zombie OG. This strain is very potent. It gives you a very sedated high, and leaves you feeling sleepy, happy, and giggly. You will also be hungry – not for brains, hopefully – but be sure to have some snacks nearby because after trying this strain you certainly won’t feel like moving. The mind relaxing indica effects will make you feel more like one of the walking dead.


While we normally recommend avoiding voodoo as much as possible, we don’t recommend avoiding this strain.

Most of the strains we’ve mentioned aren’t great for new users. Voodoo however, with its low levels of THC, is the perfect strain whether you’re new to the world of cannabis or you’re a long-time user. Voodoo is energetic and uplifting. The sativa strain zaps away your stress and fatigue – perfect for a night of high-energy festivities.


A classic Halloween character, is there a better strain name for Halloween? We don’t think so! As one of the most iconic monsters ever, it’s a great choice for anyone’s Halloween.

Frankenstein is a very potent indica strain. Its thick smoke is likely to cause a coughing fit if it’s your first time trying it. This is definitely one to try at home, as its relaxed and happy feelings will have you feeling like you’ve been raised from the dead.

Interested in these strains or others? Check out our cannabis strains  for detailed information on the different types of cannabis you can try this Halloween.