Woman smoking for a post on why smoking weed is goodRecreational cannabis has now been legal in Canada for over four months. More states in the US are also jumping on the bandwagon and decriminalizing marijuana use, both recreationally and medically. Bottom line – smoking weed has become the most mainstream it’s ever been before in history. Ever.

No matter how many people worldwide are experiencing the insane benefits of the cannabis plant – there still is a strong social stigma against marijuana use.

Why is this? When you look at the research, there are actually many reasons why smoking weed is very good for you. Benefits extend far beyond its ability to help you relax or spark your inspiration. Science has found numerous health benefits as well, including its ability to help prevent disease and improve your mood. Here you will find nine reasons why smoking weed can be good for you.

1. Smoking Marijuana is Linked to Lower Rates of Obesity

Despite its notorious effect of inducing the “munchies” and stimulating appetite, which it does, cannabis users have been linked to lower rates of obesity according to a study published by the Journal of Epidemiology. Not alone in its findings, this is not the only study that has rendered similar results. Another one that was conducted by the American Journal of Medicine shared similar results. This second study found that people who smoked weed on a regular basis were on average a bit skinnier than people who don’t smoke weed at all.

Even better than just a smaller waistline, there’s been further research that suggests cannabis may have the ability to boost your metabolism, which can help you lose fat more efficiently and lower your cholesterol. If you’ve been worried about your weight, you may want to try incorporating cannabis into your health and fitness plan.

2. Cannabis May Be Effective in the Prevention of Diabetes

In addition to being associated with a smaller waistline, cannabis use has also been found to correlate with lower blood sugar levels. A study that was published in The American Journal of Medicine found that people who smoked weed had lower blood sugar levels by 16 percent and lower insulin resistance levels by 17 percent in comparison to people who did not smoke herb.

Because it’s been found to help improve insulin function, this means that cannabis may help lower the risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

3. Smoking Weed Unlocks Creative Potential

Have you noticed that you come up with some of your best ideas when you’re high? Science confirmed in a study that cannabis causes psychotomimetic symptoms, which enable users to connect ideas that aren’t exactly related. Creativity is dependant on these types of connections, so grab some chronic and get your ideas flowing.

4. Food Tastes a Thousand Times Better When You’re Stoned

Anyone who has smoked weed can contest to the effects it has on your appetite and that it makes food taste better. Do you know why?

There’s been a study published by Nature Neuroscience that showed that because of the effect THC has on the brain’s cannabinoid receptors, your sense of smell is heightened and food becomes more appetizing. For anyone who struggles to eat, especially those who deal with debilitating diseases such as HIV and cancer, cannabis can be a miracle.

5. Marijuana Helps You Keep Your Cool

Need something to help you mellow out? Thousands of people light up every single day for the calming effects of cannabis. Researchers found that Swiss inmates who smoked weed routinely while in prison were less stressed and calmer. Furthermore, the analysis showed that allowing marijuana use among prisoners created an environment with less violence as it served as a “social pacifier.” Stay calm, cool, and collected as you pass around the peace pipe!

7. Chiefing on Some Chronic Can Help Induce and Improve Sleep

Smoking weed is perfect for unwinding at the end of a stressful day and helping you drift off to sleep. It’s suggested that marijuana works better than other substances such as alcohol and sleep-inducing medications. In addition to helping you catch some zzzs, you can also experience a better quality of sleep when using marijuana before bed. However, tolerance can make it harder to achieve this same effect after repeated usage. Consider switching to higher grade cannabis strains if you feel you’ve developed a tolerance.

8. Smoking Marijuana Can Actually Improve Your Lung Function

The Journal of the American Medical Association found in a study that smoking marijuana is not detrimental to your lungs. In stark contrast to common belief, other studies have found that briefly lighting up can actually increase your lung capacity short term.

9. Cannabis Flowers Can Be Used to Treat Depression

The Rudolf Magnus Institute of Neuroscience conducted a study that found THC  “reduces the negative bias in emotional processing.” Therefore, it could be used to help people that suffer from psychiatric disorders and depression.
An additional study that was published by SUNY Albany and USC found that “those who consume marijuana occasionally or even daily have lower levels of depressive symptoms than those who have never tried marijuana.”