Cannabis and its effects are broad and varying, which is why you want the strain that’s best suited to your plans. It can be difficult to weed out the strains that won’t work for you. Whatever the occasion, it’s all about choosing the right strain, and we’ve complied a list of the best strains for either a night out or an evening in – whatever you’re in the mood for!

As a general rule, if you’re looking for a strain that’s uplifting and energizing, look for one that’s sativa dominant. These strains spike your energy level and make you more creative. Conversely, if you’re looking to relax, try to find an indica strain. These strains are relaxing, forcing you to unwind.

Night Out

Most people turn to alcohol to get the night started. But why do that when you could use a cannabis strain that keeps the party going all night? (and lacks the morning hang-over, too)


Chocolope will leave you with a dreamy cerebral effect, making it an ideal strain to get you in the party mood. This chocolaty, sweet strain gives you a boost of confidence and a dose of euphoria. It’s nearly impossible to be unhappy after smoking this strain because of the feel-good high it leaves you with. New and seasoned users be warned, this is a very potent strain and delivers an intense stoned feeling.

Sour Lemon OG

Sour Lemon OG is a more discreet strain that’s great for new users and turns you into an instant social butterfly. This strain is known for its amazing sour apple flavour – fresh and fruity in both smell and taste. It will elevate both your mind and body, leaving you both relaxed and energized and feeling ready for any party. If you don’t want to be a party-pooper try this strain out; you’re sure to be the life of the party.


Strawberry creates a high that is both relaxing and joyful – it gives you high levels of THC but without any accompanying paranoia. Known for its relaxing qualities, Strawberry will have you coming out of your shell and making small talk with everyone at the party. With its sweet, fruity smell and easy high, this is the ideal strain for a party, no matter your experience with cannabis.

Night In

Maybe your perfect night out is a quiet night in. You’re not a partier, or you and your friends are planning a night of Netflix; either way, you’ll want a strain as chill as your plans.

Purple Kush

For a super low-key night in you want a strain that will get you relaxed and sleepy, making this an ideal choice. Purple Kush is an earthy strain that provides extreme relaxation for your body while stimulating your senses. It heightens your senses of sight, sound, and touch, and the effects are almost immediate. So before you know it, you’ll be able to lay back and enjoy the psychedelic head high.

Girl Scout Cookies (GSC)

This hybrid is perfect for a night in. It’s a sweet, earthy smelling strain that’s sure to leave you feeling relaxed, euphoric, and hungry. The psychoactive effects will hit hard at first, but will leave you with a case of the giggles and some full-body relaxation. GSC is an amazing stress reliever, so it could be a great way for you to unwind on the couch after a long, hard week.

Gorilla Glue

This is a particularly potent strain that will leave you glued to your couch (not literally, of course). After a just few hits of this coffee-flavoured strain you’ll be feeling the effects – hard. The high from Gorilla Glue will relax both your mind and body, letting you unwind and forget all your worries. It is also a great strain for helping you get a good night’s sleep. But if you’re new to cannabis, maybe skip this strain.